PHASER Services specializes in holistic solutions to the methamphetamine and opioid crisis.  Research and data indicate an alarming trend of concomitant use of fentanyl and methamphetamine via smoking.  The combined use of these dangerous narcotics is not only more harmful to the user but generates dangerous environmental contamination within indoor living, working and public spaces that can and does result in adverse health effects, property damage, costly decontamination and rehab lost revenue and general disruption to life.

Our approach focuses on Prevention, Harm Reduction, Treatment and Recovery Services; but it begins with Detection.

We are proud to incorporate the world’s only methamphetamine smoke detector as a keystone component to our offerings.  Self-contained, tamper-resistant, compact, tough and silent; early detection and instant notification of methamphetamine use or relapse dramatically reduces intervention response times and maintains clean and healthy spaces.

With 24/7 support, secure data redundancy and a custom-tailored administrative data portal access, our services make an excellent addition to your risk management and treatment plans.

For over 25 years, our team has helped recovery centers, municipalities, private businesses property owners, and First Nations.  We’re renowned for excellence, innovation, and integrity in delivering outstanding results across diverse projects.

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Dedicated to Serving.

Our ultimate goal is to save lives & preserve property.  It’s a heavy lift that will take all of us working together, and we want to do our part in solving the methamphetamine & fentanyl crisis.

Building Success Stories, Building Trust.

At our core, we believe that there isn’t a panacea for addiction. Only through a holistic approach can humanity better treat those suffering from addiction and those impacted by people struggling with addiction.  

PHASER is fundamentally about meaningfully improving outcomes for everyone: individuals suffering from substance use disorder, their families and communities.

Sean Simmons Founder, CEO and Narcotics Remediation Expert

What I love about PHASER Services, is our collective drive to make a real and lasting impact in solving the methamphetamine and opioid crises.

Mark Stockwell Founder and Emergency Response Solutions Engineer

Let's Build a Better Future, Together.

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